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Managerial  thoughts

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Writing articles or books is not my job. I already have one which takes up a lot of my time. Writing is rather a hobby for me where I let off steam as I can.

I write things as I see and I try to share them with the people around the world. I am not specialized in a particular style of writing. I write about the company’s managerial actuality as I write stories based on true or fiction facts. I do not hesitate, whenever I have an opportunity, to express my views in debates and forums related to entrepreneurship and social events.

The latest book (in French) I wrote was published in December 2010. I tell a story inspired from my own personal career wrapped by interesting managerial concepts of which students, teachers, managers or unionists can take advantage. I also tell the intrigues and squabbles that some managers and unionists indulge behind the scenes in order to grant undue privileges, sometimes even to the detriment of the interests of the company that employs them.

So, by creating this blog, I wanted to share with students, teachers, managers or unionists the thoughts I make and the articles I write about the managerial actuality. You can download and use partially or totally for your homework’s or research works, by mentioning only the source. You can also comment or ask any questions about those thoughts, I promise you to take the required  time to answer to any of your questions.

Below is a video of the book (In French) I wrote in 2010

Itinéraire d'un manager atypique



An efficient manager is not the one who controls a group of workers to achieve goals, but he is the one who influences and inspires a group of workers to achieve common goals. - TG -