Managerial thoughts

Managerial  thoughts


1st best practice

Ensure that the customer’s requirements are well understood


1. To well understand the needs of your customer you have to analyze its requirements. This is the first preventive action we undertake within the company to ensure the success of 

     the projects we conduct.  It allows us to examine the feasibility of the customer's request and to ensure that we have within the company the necessary skilled resources to meet

      all the customer’s requirements. For that purpose, we have to answer the following questions:


  1. Did we understand the customer’s requirements? This is the first question we have to ask ourselves within the company. If so, we will proceed directly to the next question (b). If not, we will communicate and exchange information with the client until we ensure that the requirements are understood within the company.


  1. Do we have the necessary human and material resources to meet customer requirements? If not, could we acquire the missing resources to complete the project on time and with the required quality? In case of doubt, we have to communicate and to discuss this with the customer. There are two alternatives in dealing with this issue. 


  • We notice, after clarification provided by the customer and or by rewording some of its requirements that we already have or we can easily acquire the required human and material resources to meet the customer’s requirements. It’s good to go and start the proposal process.


  • We notice that, despite the discussions conducted with the customer, we not have or we cannot acquire on time the necessary human and material resources to meet the customer’s requirements. We have in that case to give up and to stop the proposal process.


      You want more about this article, click here:  13-1-Best-practices-D---D-Projects-.pdf

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