Managerial thoughts

Managerial  thoughts

Management Vs. Leadership

Few months ago, I had a semantic discussion with one of my colleagues about the management and the leadership. He thinks that a manager does not have to be a leader to manage a team.  Unlike my colleague I think that a manager has to be a leader to succeed.


An efficient manager is not the one who controls only a group of workers to achieve goals, but he is also the one who influences and inspires a group of workers to achieve common goals. I learned from my over 25 years’ work experience as manager that the success of a manager depends on how he manages his team. All those managers who have shared the meaning of the goals and the importance of their achievement as a team and who have inspired and influenced the members of their team by setting a good example through their actions, their professionalism and their attitude[...] in work have succeeded.  


This discussion has inspired me to build 10 key tips which I think could make a manager an efficient manager able to develop and enhance his leadership skills, to create a good work atmosphere, and to achieve bigger goals with the team he leads:


More about this article , click here: Efficient-Manager-20.pdf

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