Managerial thoughts

Managerial  thoughts

Reorganize your company to balance the needs of your customers and your employees

The activities of a company are now so interdependent that the managers, very attentive to the market, are giving up more and more the archaic organizations based on traditional functions, partitioned on themselves and often inflexible as we have seen the rise in the early and mid-20th century. Instead, the managers keep their eyes on dynamic organizations and focus much more towards the process organization approach where quality is omnipresent. The goals, inputs, outputs, responsibilities of stakeholders and their relationships are identified and clearly defined in these processes.

The implementation of a quality management system is one of the means which could help the managers to improve the performance of their company. However, such system cannot alone improve the company’s performances.

Improving the company’s performances requires a comprehensive review of the organizational approach of its business.


The company, whatever the nature of its business, faces the market to sell its products or services; it must therefore explore and analyze the market needs to better respond to the demand. The sequence of tasks related to the market is of course a process[1] that has to be monitored and improved.


The company also purchases merchandises to develop, manufacture or sell products or services.  The process for these activities must be monitored and improved, as they should be evaluated and their performances measured and improved.


Activities related to sales, market analysis, procurement, management and coordination of resources are common to all companies, whether manufacturing or service companies. Design activities and product development, are attached to these companies when the nature of their business requires. Each one of the activities mentioned above can be a process.


Addressing the organization in a functional perspective could be, in my opinion a strategic error that might be costly for the company. This organization regards only the activities of structure in which the tasks of individuals are isolated and intrinsically defined and distributed.
In a very schematic way, this organization looks only the function and ignores the sequence, the relationships and the interactions of the various stakeholders who concur to the achievements of the objectives of that function. This organization type misses the opportunity to benefit directly without using the hierarchy, the support and the contribution that can be provided by individuals of other business functions. You want to read more about this article click below:




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